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Plato said that “Those who tell the stories rule society.” As the world continues toward the next chapter of the Anthropocene era, it is crucial that we use the power of storytelling to protect the welfare of humanity, diversity, and the natural environment.

Marie Crawford Miller


Fourth domain design will be where designers will be “more and more concerned with exploring the role of design in sustaining, developing, and integrating human beings into broader ecological and cultural environments, shaping these environments when desirable and possible or adapting to them when necessary.”

Richard Buchanan


"Inequality is not an economic necessity, it's a design failure."

Kate Raworth

2017_04_wendell_berry.jpeg is a fact that the destruction of life is a part of the daily business of economic competition as now practiced. If one person is willing to take another’s property or to accept another’s ruin as a normal result of economic enterprise, then he is willing to destroy that other person’s life as it is and as it desires to be. That this person’s biological existence has been spared seems merely incidental; it was spared  because it was not worth anything.

Wendell Berry

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Wicked Problem: A class of social system problems which are ill-formulated, where the information is confusing, where there are many clients and decision makers with confusing values, and where the ramifications in the whole system are thoroughly confusing.

Horst Rittel - 1973


"Movement towards a 'post-product' society, i.e., to one distinguished by a more explicit social management of man-environment relations, is likely to bring back this historic sense of design's significance [as planning]. Design becomes once again a means of ordering the world rather than merely of shaping commodities"

Clive Dilnot



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